About Us

While skiing might be one of your favorite sports, we know that winter isn’t necessarily everyone’s favorite season. Driving in the snow is bad enough, but clearing it from your property or business can sometimes just be too much to bear. Telluride Snow Removal was founded to help out Telluride area residents in the winter months and ensure that they can enjoy the winter on their own terms. With years of experience in the snow removal business, our company boasts the largest fleet of snow removal machines in the city. From tandem dump trucks to bobcats, we make clearing your snow a breeze. Whether you’re looking for commercial snow removal services or residential snow removal services, Telluride Snow Removal always has you covered.

Telluride Snow Removal employs one of the largest teams of snow removal experts in the city. So whether you‘ve scheduled a routine snow plow, or require emergency assistance, we always have a team of snow superstars ready and waiting to help you. From snow plow services to sidewalk shoveling we’re the number one snow removal in Telluride, Colorado for a reason. Whether you’re a hotel that needs the snow hauled away from your parking lot, or a home owner that needs help clearing the snow from the driveway, there’s no job too big or too small for Telluride Snow Removal. If you’re looking for the perfect lifestyle change this winter, just head over to our contact page. We‘re always one click or call away from helping you reclaim your life.

Telluride Snow Removal is a residential and commercial snow removal company that has dedicated over 25 years to servicing the companies and people of Telluride. Our primary focus is on keeping our community safe from the hazards that snow and ice can bring. We do this by operating a fleet of vehicles equipped to handle even the most difficult of situations. This fleet includes eight trucks with snow removal attachments, three Bobcat Loaders with blower attachments, our brand new Multi-Hog with snow blower attachment, and lots of shovels for jobs that require a smaller footprint. We keep our fleet of vehicles in top shape so we can keep them on the road and performing when you need them most.

We are part of the fabric of this community and are grateful to have stood side by side with our friends, and our neighbors to keep the snow and ice from piling up over the years. We are family owned and operated and bring high level of expertise and compassion to our jobs every day. If you are not currently a customer of ours, give us a call, you will be pleased that you did.