Residential Snow Removal Services


Telluride Snow Removal Driveway

Shoveling your driveway can take hours of back breaking labor. No matter how meticulous, it always seems that there’s a spot or two that you’ve missed. With Telluride Snow Removal, we’ll never miss a spot and your driveway will be clear. Stop huffing and puffing this winter, and enjoy the affordable luxury of our residential driveway plowing services. We’ll be there every time it snows, so you won’t have to worry about moving your car or parking. Single driveways or triple… our snow plow experts have a service solution for you.


Telluride Snow Removal Sidewalks

​Sidewalks can be a real pesky part of home ownership in the winter. Whether you’re a landlord or homeowner, clearing your sidewalks is just a part of responsible property care. At Telluride Snow Removal, we specialize in sidewalk shoveling and can help you achieve a safer and more accessible property. From making your property more easily accessible to removing hazards for pedestrian traffic, Telluride Snow Removal always ensures that your sidewalks are cleared in a timely manner.


Telluride Snow Removal Walkway

​Hazardous walkways can pose serious risks to your family and friends. From slipping and sliding to potentially harmful falls, covered walkways can wreak havoc on your lifestyle. At Telluride Snow Removal, clearing your walkways is just another residential snow removal service we provide. From clearing your walkways and stairs, to salting them down for a better grip, our superior line of products and services ensure that you’ll never be at risk when walking around your property.


Telluride Snow Removal Roof

Snow adds extra weight to your roof; and the more snow accumulates, the more it will weigh. Every inch of snowfall adds up to a pound per square foot. Leaving snow on your roof can lead to thousands of extra pounds weighing down your property’s primary defense.  As melting snow runs down your roof it freezes when it hits the lower colder sections of the roof.  This cycle is repeated day after day until a significant ice dam is created.  This dam blocks water from reaching the gutters or properly shedding off the roof.  Eventually melting ice and water works its way into your attic space, walls and ceiling below causing varying degrees of damage. Removing the snow is an easy way to keep your home safe. Call us at Telluride Snow Removal to help you keep your investment safe.

Commerical Snow Removal Services

Parking Lots

Telluride Snow Removal Parking Lot

​Parking lots need to be clear for attracting and conducting business. They offer customers a place to park while they access your services, and ensure that your employees have a close place to park. Snow-covered parking lots can deter patrons, and leave employees without a place to park leading to less time spent in the office. Whether you’re a retail establishment, doctor’s office, or law practice, ensuring that your business runs smoothly is inherent to what you do. At Telluride Snow Removal, we’re here to help clear, load, and haul away your snow, so that your parking lot is fully accessible.


Telluride Snow Removal Business

​Snow covered storefronts can deter customers from entering your location. Expecting patrons to trudge through snow drifts to get to you can open the business up to accident liability. Ensure that your storefront maximizes its foot traffic by having Telluride Snow Removal clear it for you. From sidewalks to walkways, we’ll ensure that your storefront is clear and hazard free. We specialize in commercial snow removal services so that your business can continue to prosper regardless of weather. Don’t give your customers the wrong impression; make sure that your business is accessible this winter with Telluride Snow Removal.

Snow Hauling

Telluride Snow Removal

Snow piling up can create as much risk as not plowing snow away from high-traffic areas.  On properties without a pre-designated, low-risk snow piling location, snow hauling is essential to minimize liability and risk, which are both critical after a storm.

Snow hauling involves the movement of heavy vehicles, so we will design the best snow removal strategy by considering traffic conditions, the location of your facility, and the fastest routes to reach a pre-designated snow dumping area.

In coordination with our snow plowing team, we will plan the best approach based on the unique nature of your property, to clear snow away from high-risk areas like fire lanes, handicapped parking spaces, and delivery/loading docks.


Telluride Snow Removal Roof

When heavy snowfall pushes weight limits on a commercial roof to dangerous levels, it is imperative that the snow be removed to prevent a roof collapse. A roof collapse causes significant building damage, endangers people’s lives, risks damaging or destroying building contents, halts or reduces productivity, and usually leads to huge financial losses. Even winter’s routine freeze/thaw cycle can contribute to roof defects that can cause your roof to leak and damage your property.

We understand the importance of removing heavy snows before they damage your roof’s structural integrity. Our crews are experienced in removing snow in accordance with OSHA safety regulations. When you enroll your facility in one of our snow removal programs, you can count on us to be there to remove damaging snow before it affects your roof.